Friday, April 24, 2009

Toys for Tots - Plush Toys Are Great!

By Jackson Harris James Bakowski Harrison Snider Tennyson Stephens

Growing up as a kid in this age of abundance, there is a great chance you've played with teddy bears and plush toys. Choose from Teddy Bears, Elmo, Beanie Babies and many other hit animal themed furry animals that are enjoyable for people of all ages.

As a kid I had a favorite teddy bear that I could not part with. I would carry it everywhere with me and wouldn't let go for anything (even when I was sleeping). It amazes me that now the Farnell, Steiff and other collector items bears are still sought after so strongly.

Get Big Bird to come into your own home, get a plush toy doll that will make Sesame Street truly come alive for your child. Who hasn't wanted to love a Oscar the Grouch or Cookie Monster doll in their own arms?

Ty is an extremely popular plush toy manufacturer and their introduction of Beanie Babies on the market many years ago has created a craze that can't be stopped. Check out eBay sometime and you will see that people are buying Beanie Babies up by the truck load!

The first time I saw Cars with my 5 year-old, I knew I'd be on eBay the next day getting the latest plush toy cars so he could enjoy them at home. There is something priceless about getting a keepsake like a toy from a movie you just raved about and want to share with your friends.

Buy a Care Bear and you just made a friend for life. These adorable plush toys are fun for all ages, take your cute and cuddly rainbow colored toy to your friends - show off your new purchase!

Online gaming is starting to mesh with offline merchandising and the marriage of those 2 concepts was never better than with Webkinz. When you buy the offline products you get codes for the online world - and that's where the kids truly have fun, they can trade clothes, charms and other items online with their friends.

TV shows have created their own merchandise and the Backyardigans have joined that crazy lately. These animals are revered by kids everywhere and they are just soo cute!

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